Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sex, Lies and Cookies: Web Privacy EXPOSED!

“Sex, Lies and Cookies: Web Privacy EXPOSED!” will discuss topics such as tracking on the internet and the purpose behind collecting data from the Internet. Together, they will answer questions such as what the definition of tracking is and if there are benefits to being tracked. They will also discuss how industry and advocates can assist people with online privacy. The panelists each bring a different perspective to this session.

Lydia Parnes was the director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection (BCP) at the FederalTrade Commission (FTC).  During this time frame, Parnes helped consumers obtain information regarding the goods and service they purchased. Parnes also supervised the enforcement of laws concerning laws that were designed to prevent fraud and deception in the commercial marketplace, safeguard consumer privacy. 

Christopher Soghoian was the first in-house technologist at the FTC’s Division of Privacy and Identity Protection. He is currently a Graduate Fellow at the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research and is a PhD Candidate at Indiana University in the School of Informatics and Computing, researching online privacy, both consumer issues and government surveillance. 

Lorrie Cranor is the co-founder of Wombat Security Technologies, Inc., which helps organizations combat cyber-attacks. In addition, she is a consultant for companies on topics of technology privacy and security. Cranor has written over 100 papers concerning online privacy, security, spam and other topics as well as served as an expert witness in patent litigation and cases concerning the Internet. 

Berin Szoka, founder of TechFreedom, will also have a presence on this panel. Before TechFreedom, he worked with clients at Latam & Watkins LLP about Internet regulations and telecommunication industries as an Associate in the Communications Practice Group. Next, Szoka worked with The Progress and Freedom Foundation as the Director of the Center for Internet Freedom.

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